There aaare more than 1000 Serbian students living and studying in the UK. Our students are mainly concentrated in England, while Scotland holds second place. London is considered as a city with faculties where most of the Serbian students can be found. Among these faculties are London School of Economics, University College London, King’s College London, Queen Mary University of London, Westminster University, Regent’s University and so on. As for other English cities, one of the more popular faculties is Cambridge University and Oxford University, and then Manchester University, University of Warwick and others. Faculties in Scotland also represent one of the more frequent choices for our students, among which they stand out University of Edinburgh and University of St. Andrew’s .

OSSI UK organizes the gathering of Serbian students in London once a semester, and thus stimulates and contributes to the networking of Slovenian students in the UK. The gatherings will be held in the building of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in London and the event is open to all present or former students of Serbian, Bosnian, Montenegrin or Croatian nationality in the UK.

OSSI UK had the opportunity to collaborate with other Serbian organizations based in the UK, are among the most significant Serbian City Club ( Serbian City Club ) and the British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

Colleges in the UK are considered one of the more expensive for citizens of Serbia, who pay a higher tuition fee than students born in Great Britain and the European Union. However, there are various ways to get financial assistance and scholarships.

Postgraduate and doctoral studies are often funded by various organizations. Faculties sometimes cover the costs of basic studies. The Chevening Scholarship organization often gives scholarships to Serbian students. The attendance of shorter courses is often funded by the UK British Scholarship Trust.

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